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Instructors: Magdalena Kreis and Natalia Romaszkan

Animators and designers from Wrocław-based BWA Design Gallery will run a series of design workshops for children, teens and adults. Treasures found on the beach, used boxes and bags, and all kinds of other recyclable objects will be used to create the following works:

1/ Spa town mock-up
– age group: 6 -10
– number of participants: 12
– duration: 2h (1 meeting)
– date and time: Thursday, 06/09/12, 4 to 6 p.m.
– materials: “home rubbish” (e.g. yogurt cups, plastic bottles, paper boxes, screw caps, etc.) + art supplies (large cardboard for the base [e.g. cut out from a furniture box], adhesive paper [e.g. leftovers from printing shops], scissors, blotting paper, electrical tape, single- and two-sided adhesive tape )
– description: prepared by children and featuring various elements of a spa-town, the mock-up will be the result of children’s creative play rather than a practical object;
– how it fits in with the idea: explaining the notion of „spa town” to children, acquainting them with designers’ projects related to leisure space in a spa town, thinking together about ways to spend time in a spa town; the mock-up will be a materialisation of children’s dreams about leisure time, holidays, etc.

2/ Postcards
– age group: 11-15
– number of participants: 20
– duration: 2h (1 meeting)
– date and time: Friday, 07/09/12, 4 to 6 p.m.
– description: children prepare their own postcards, basing on photos from brochures on Sopot; they interpret a familiar space, creating their own unique and surprising juxtapositions of images of Sopot architecture (a „different Sopot”); the postcards will be used in their typical context: they will be sent to friends or family
– how it fits in with the idea: sending postcards from holidays is a typical activity, which, however, ceases to be our custom; it seems worthwhile to raise children’s interest in the whole idea, showing them the complete process, from designing a postcard right to dropping it into a post box

3/ Net
– age group: 11-15
– number of participants: 20
– duration: 3h (1 meeting)
– date and time: Saturday, 08/09/12, 11.00 a.m.– 4 p.m.
– description: in several (3-5) sites, children create installations: colourful next from pieces of string, yarn, etc.
– how it fits in with the idea: playing with urban space; creating surprising nets, spider-webs in unusual places; association with a fishing net, which can catch various things carried by the wind during the festival

4/ Family workshop – land art
– age group: families with children (aged 0-15)
– number of participants: 8 families
– date and time: Sunday, 09/09/12, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
– duration: 4h in total (40 min. = indoor presentation, 20 min. = getting to the beach , 2h = collecting the material + picnic, 1h = creating the artwork together)
– description: an non-permanent, ephemeral art piece which serves as an opportunity for spending family time together; making people more aware of nature; the shape of the work depends on the inventiveness and creativity of workshop participants
– how it fits in with the idea: the concept is based the space of a spa-town: beach, sand dunes, the immediate surroundings of the beach; it is an incentive to spend family time creatively.